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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

                                        Years Gone Like Death

                                              Hussein Habasch

                                                             Without waving its hand and
                                                             saying goodbye,
                                                             O poor orphans.
                                                             The year nodded its head and
                                                             without desire to extinguish.
                                                             Behold, a new year has come, and
                  Hussein Habasch is a poet from Afrin,      it opens its shoelace.
                  Kurdistan. He currently lives in Bonn,
                  Germany.  His  poems  have  been           And would like to sit on our chest
                  translated  into  English,  German,        for 365 days without mercy.
                  Spanish,  French,  Chinese,  Turkish,      Welcome New Year.
                  Persian,  Albanian,  Uzbek,  Russian,      We know that sometimes you will
                  Italian,   Bulgarian,     Lithuanian,
                  Hungarian,   Macedonian,    Serbian,       fall upon us
                  Polish and Romanian, and has had his       with love and tenderness.
                  poetry published in a large number of      And usually you gift us wars and
                  international anthologies.                 grief,
                                                             we know this completely!
                                                             But even so, we will say to you,
                                                             welcome, dear guest.
                                                             With your cruelty,
                                                             your softness,
                                                             you are among us.
                                                             No matter what happens,
                                                             we will never be mad on you and
                                                             leave you.
                                                             So, welcome, welcome.
                                                             A year gone, a year comes.
                                                             And our age goes without sin,

                                                             without returning to its death.
                                                             A Happy New Year, then,
                                                             O World.
                                                             O world that aborts our dreams
                                                             and kills them always!

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