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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

                                     YOUR WORD IS ENOUGH

                                          Marija Najthefer Popov

                                                             I say a word.
                                                             And I say
                                                             to the universe:
                                                             It is enough for me
                                                             when your thirst
                                                             spills on my skin.
                                                             When you lap up
                  Marija  Najthefer  Popov  was  born  in    shallow sweat
                  Sivac  (Backa,  Vojvodina,  Serbia)  on
                  March 11, 1958. Since 1996, she lives      from my skin,
                  and  creates  in  Zrenjanin.  Until  now,  like a thirsty dog,
                  she has been published in more than        it is enough, just that much,
                  a  hundred  joined,  domestic  and         for me to scream
                  international   poetry   collections;      and erase all in between.
                  published  in  several  domestic  and
                  foreign  journals  and  translated  into   I feel I am knitted
                  several    languages.    Her     first     into you and your skin.
                  independent  collection  of  poems,  “I    Your body is hungry
                  WRITE A WOMAN”, was published in           for my bites
                  2018.  The  motive  behind  her  poetry
                  are  Rose  and  Woman  in  all  their      and words pored into your ears.
                  beauty  and  splendor…  Love  is  the      Until unification
                  initiator of everything!                   I marked us as
                                                             blaze of eternal fires
                                                             in the blod…

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