Page 84 - Litteratteur Redefining World December issue
P. 84

Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

                    Our  train  treks  along  thirty-miles-an  hour  faster  than  Carter’s,  and  the
                    timeless  and  borderless  tone  of  the  harmonica  brings  me  back  to  the

                    moment at hand, and it is a scene out of Guthrie’s own life, a page of
                    Bound for Glory, and I think how every young man should experience
                    this freedom, this absolute sense of the moment. Here, Michael has his
                    first taste of the wild possibilities before him in the middle of what was
                    once  one  of  the  most  restrictive  empires  and  then  one  of  the  most
                    invasive governments in the history of humanity. I watch him play while

                                      Shrine in Yekaterinburg of Last Czar and family
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