Page 81 - Litteratteur Redefining World December issue
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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

                 The  villages  outside,  however,  seem  to  be  mirrored  onboard  in  the
                 hallways and sleeping quarters, each cabin a cottage, each passenger a
                 resident,  safe  inside  this  vein  running  through  Europe  into  Asia.  The
                 balance of inside and out, of engineering and wilderness, simply means
                 we are as much a part of what we pass at fifty miles-an-hour as we are a
                 part of conversations in the dining car. It may be the twenty-first century
                 in  the  cabins,  but  something  older  and  weathered  waits  in  the  lands
                 stretching across the Urals and the Steppe. They lay out as dioramas of
                 decades  in  decline,  a  wilderness  witness  to  slaughters,  pogroms,
                 transports, exiles, and dissidents, and this train has been an accomplice
                 in this tragic history.

                                                                                 Old Irkutsk home
                                                                                  of dissidents in
                                                                                  front of modern

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