Page 78 - Litteratteur Redefining World December issue
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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

                The  owners  of  the  local  businesses  and
                factories  have  changed  so  now  money
                makes it to the pockets of some oligarchs
                in  Moscow  instead  of  the  government  in
                Moscow—but what do local workers care?
                People  still  work  at  the  same  garage  they
                always  have,  the  same  factory,  the  local
                store. Maybe more customers from the city
                show  up,  but  otherwise  life  is  the  same
                                                                          Ancient quarters (recreation)
                since  no  one  in  these  small  hamlets  had                 near Lake Baikal
                any  knowledge  of,  or  any  need  to  know,
                where the profits went to begin with. They
                live their lives, and once in a while they ride

                this train east, to visit family or find work.
                Life  in  the  city  and  in  the  rural  spread  of
                Russia  is  similar  for  that  disconnected

                Farther  east,  the  city-sprawl  eventually
                gives way to villages with their own center,
                disconnected  from  St  Petersburg  in  the
                daily  ways  of  life,  with  their  own  soul  of
                sorts;  a  town  square,  an  abandoned  or
                repurposed  estate,  and  some  notable
                industry.  These  are  the  suburbs  which
                mark time as we know it. In these suburbs-                     Baikal Fisherman
                as-we-think-of-them,       people      try    and
                balance      the     changes       with     home
                improvements such as satellite dishes, new
                appliances,  and  foreign-made  cars,  all

                tempered  by  traditional  garden  plots
                tended  with  archaic  tools.  Throughout  the
                run  along  the  rails  out  of  St  Petersburg
                nearly  all  the  way  to  Yekaterinburg,  small
                gardens back each another with tiny sheds
                for  supplies.  This  is  shared  land,  and
                everyone  learned  generations  ago  to
                respect       each-other’s       plots,      their
                vegetables,  their  place  in  time.  And  the
                further we travel the more distance exists
                                        Chersky's Rock, Lake Baikal

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