Page 75 - Litteratteur Redefining World December issue
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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

             someone in Moscow one summer day handed paint to some poor worker and
             said, “Go brighten up the place.”

             The train itself is the tourist attraction here; it is hotel, dining car, and late-night
             pub.  The  landscape  outside  remains  as  much  a  part  of  the  journey  as  the

             hallways inside, as much a companion as our cabinmates, and as essential to
             the crossing as the dining car and the thousands of miles of tracks still ahead.
             Still, in the States, we train through somewhere else on our way to where we are
             going, but in Russia, the somewhere else is our traveling companion, the arc of
             our  narrative,  the  string  of  dynamic  moments  in  our  character  development.
             Tolstoy  points  out,  “One  of  the  first  conditions  of  happiness  is  that  the  link
             between man and nature shall not be broken.” This is true as well on a train;
             especially so, since it is the “trans-Siberian” part of this journey that makes the
             ride unique.


                                                                                     Hallway of the train

                                                                 Kunzinger with
                                                                 between cars

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