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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020


                                                 Bob Kunzinger

                    Bob  Kunzinger's  work  has  appeared  in
                    many     publications,    including   the
                    Washington Post, World War Two History,
                    Kestrel,  Southern  Humanities  Review,  the
                    NY  Times,  and  more,  including  several
                    notations in Best American Essays. He had
                    published eight collections. Bob    live and
                    work  in  the  Chesapeake  Bay  region  of

               Michael  and  I  stand  in  the  passage  between  cars  and  look  at  the  Siberian
               landscape while he plays “This Land is Your Land” on the harmonica. Birch
               trees  dominate  the  August  distance,  and  for  quite  some  time  we  pass  little
               more  than  white  tree  trunks  with  green  pastures  and  the  occasional  small
               shack  alongside  the  tracks.  Some  shacks  have  guards  who  stand  outside
               smoking  cigarettes  and  watch  us  pass,  but  mostly  the  small  guard  houses
               remain empty, and all are painted royal blue, all of them; as if

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