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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

           for a moment. The image of Nafisa swam before my eyes
          again  and  again.  Then  I  realized  that  the  discomfort,
          nervousness, bad mood for the last ten days were all the
          result  of  waiting.  I,  accustomed  since  childhood  not  to
          expect  anything,  was  looking  forward  to  meeting  her  as
          nothing  else.  I  was  looking  forward  to  seeing  her  again,
          how she would talk to me and her pleasant voice would fill
          the room. Why should I lie to myself? After all, it really did
          not matter how long the book by Marquez was read.

          When I admitted this fact, I suddenly laughed. My laughter
          was full of pain, longing and sadness. I kept laughing. My
          voice was getting louder and louder. At that moment, there
          was a knock on the door. At first, I did not pay attention.
          Then  somebody  knocked  again.  Before  opening,  I
          corrected  my  tie  and  buttoned  my  shirt.  After  that,  I
          opened it. Nafeesa was standing on the threshold holding
          a book in her hand.

          - I hardly finished," she said, trying to smile and showing
          me the book in her hand. - Marques made me sweat a lot.

                                                                              Sherzod Artikov was born in 1985 in
                                                                              Margilan  city,  Fergana  region  of
                                                                              Uzbekistan.    He  graduated  from
                                                                              Fergana  Polytechnic  Institute.  His
                                                                              works  are  more  often  published  in
                                                                              the  republican  press.  He  mainly
                                                                              writes  stories  and  essays.  One  of
                                                                              the  winners  of  the  national  literary
                                                                              contest  "My  Pearl  Region"  in  the
                                                                              direction  of  prose.    He  was
                                                                              published  in  such  Russian  and
                                                                              Ukraine  network  magazines  as
                                                                              "Kamerton",  "Topos",  "Autograph".
                                                                              His  stories  have  been  published  in
                                                                              the literary magazine of Kazakhstan
                                                                              "Dactyl",  literary  sites  of  Serbia
                                                                              "Nekazano","  Petruska Nasramba",
                                                                              and  in  a  literary  site  of  Turkey
                                                                              "Dilimiz ve edebiyatimiz"

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