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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

          - Feruza Anvarovna," I said while entering. -
          Can I ask you something?

          At  that  time  she  was  sorting  stacks  of
          papers on her desk.

          - Of course, Humayun.

          - How many days will you read a book with
          three hundred and eighty-six pages?                  When I got home, I stood in the hallway,
          Feruza Anvarovna thought a little.
                                                               leaning  against  the  wall  without  going
                                                               inside.  This  had  an  ulterior  purpose:  if
          - It depends on what kind of book it is. If I
          am interested in it, I will finish reading it in     Nafeesa  had  seen  me  from  her  window,
                                                               she would probably have come to change
          seven days. If not, I will not read it even in a     the  book.  I  stood  like  this  for  twenty
                                                               minutes.  But  there  was  no  knocking  on
                                                               the door. When I was disappointed, I put
          A  little  bit  later  I  addressed  to  one  of  my  my hand in my pants pocket and took out
          clients with the same question.
                                                               a pack of cigarettes. The box was almost
                                                               empty.  Fortunately,  there  was  the  last
          -  If  I  try,  probably,  to  read  it  within  two  cigarette  left.  It  helped  me  to  distract  a
          weeks," he said after thinking.                      little:  I  went  to  the  bookshelf  and  took
          On the way home, the cab driver also asked           some  books  from  there.  One  had  two
          the same question.
                                                               hundred  and  fifty-four  pages,  the  other
                                                               one  had  one  hundred  and  eighty  three,
          -  Honestly,  I'm  not  interested  in  reading      and  the  third  one  had  one  hundred  and
          books,"  he  said,  sneaking  around  through        twenty-four  pages.  I  left  this  third  one
          my rearview mirror.
                                                               and put the rest back on the shelf. Having
                                                               flipped through the book from beginning
                                                               to  end,  I  decided  to  recommend  it  to
                                                               Nafeesa next time...

                                                               ...Wandering around the room soon tired
                                                               my legs. I leaned on the back of the chair.
                                                               The pain in my head began to fade after

                                                               taking  a  pill.  But  my  heart  was  still
                                                               pounding like crazy. Having put my head
                                                               on the edge of the chair, I closed my eyes

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