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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

           When she left, I was again alone with my
           books. As it always was. I was very much
           mistaken,  expecting  that  my  heart,
           accustomed  to  loneliness,  would  again
           begin  to  wander  quietly  in  its  deserted
           corners.  For  the  first  time,  I  felt  deeply
           alone,  feeling  the  fullness  of  this  dark
           feeling in four walls.

                                                               Four days passed without any news. On
           When  I  left  the  house  the  next  day,  I       the  fifth  absence  Nafisa  squeezed  the
           accidentally  met  Nafeesa  in  the  street.        peace  of  mind  out  of  my  soul.  On  the
           Her  sister  was  with  her  on  her  way  to       sixth,  contrary  to  my  nature,  my  heart
           school. As always, I greeted her, but we            fell, and I began to get very nervous. On
           walked silently to the bus stop. I wanted           the seventh day, as usual smoking at the

           to talk, but then I thought about it. Maybe         window, I came to the conclusion that it
           I was embarrassed again because of the              is impossible to finish reading this book
           people around me.                                   by  Marquesa  for  a  week,  and  this

                                                               conclusion led me to seizures.
           At the bus stop, I caught a cab and she
           got on the bus. On the way I remembered             Yesterday  my  state  of mind deteriorated
           the  book  she  had  taken  the  last               and I could not concentrate on my work
           time.Then I began to wonder if she would            in the insurance company. I had no idea
           read  it  quickly.  In  the  end,  I  decided       how I could read a 386-page book for so
           firmly that she would succeed.
                                                               long,  and  I  constantly  thought  about  it.
                                                               Other obsessive thoughts were dreaming
                                                               in my head. Probably, Nafisa had no time
                                                               to read the book, I said to myself. After a
                                                               minute I thought she just did not like the
                                                               book and forgot to return it.

                                                               Most  of  my  colleagues  were  not
                                                               interested in reading it, except for Feruza
                                                               Anvarovna  from  the  Risk  Management
                                                               Department.  She  was  about  thirty  five

                                                               years  old  -  she  was  a  sincere  and  very
                                                               smart woman. During the break, I wanted
                                                               to  ask  her  about  this  book  by  Marquez,
                                                               which occupied all my mind.

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