Page 70 - Litteratteur Redefining World December issue
P. 70

Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

            - It turns out that you like to read
            world  literature?  -  I  asked  for  the

            first time, looking at her closely.

            When  she  caught  my  look,  she
            blushed like a beet.

            -   Yes,    I   often    read    world
            literature,"  she  said,  maintaining       - Would you like to have a cup of coffee?
            her  composure  and  continued  to          - I asked, suddenly standing up when she
            flip through the pages of the book.
                                                        reached the doorstep. - Today is the right
                                                        weather for coffee.
            Perhaps,  it  was  not  attractive.
            Nevertheless,  her  polite  behavior,       Nafeesa looked out the open window.
            smooth        movements,          calm
            confidence  and  at  the  same  time        - Well, if it doesn't give you any trouble..."
            the  thirst  for  life,  shining  in  her   she said confusedly.
            eyes, were extremely attractive.

                                                        - Do you want sugar or no sugar?
            - Have you read all these books?

                                                        - Let it be without sugar.
            -  Almost,"  I  said  after  looking  at
            the closet.
                                                        For  coffee,  I  forgot  my  inhumanity  and
                                                        shyness. I spoke with enthusiasm about
            -  I  envy  you,"  she  continued,          the books I read and my favorite authors.
            closing  the  book  and  going  to          She  listened  to  me  with  interest  and
                                                        attention.  When  it  was  her  turn,  she
                                                        spoke  with  pleasure  and  no  less
                                                        enthusiasm.  Listening  to  her,  I  realized
                                                        that  I  was  fascinated  by  a  man  whose
                                                        worldview  was  like  mine,  like  two  drops
                                                        of water, and that I finally felt the sweet
                                                        pleasure that had been lacking in my life
                                                        for many years.

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