Page 65 - Litteratteur Redefining World December issue
P. 65

Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

             You can’t do this. You don’t have the right. I didn’t sign up for this. It’s illegal.

             Roberto stood across from William, the generator a guilty party between them. The
             cover  was  off,  parts  taken  out  and  lying  on  the  concrete  floor.  Roberto  had  been
             trying to get it started, again. The sun shone through the open doors.

             Legal? Illegal? Little boy, what is the difference out here? You work, get paid, have
             your  holiday.  After  all  that  we  have  done  together,  you  cannot  leave.  You  will  get
             what you are owed, but only when the wine is pressed and in the barrels. Then you
             can go. I will even drive you to the city, no bus. You can fly away wherever you wish
             from there.

             William  realised  then  that  he  was  stuck.  Roberto  would  take  the  keys  that  he
             typically left in the truck and hide them, and it was too far to walk to town. Even if he
             walked in the cool of night it would take him two or three days. He might get lucky
             and hitch a lift but there were no guarantees in this countryside. He didn’t really have
             a choice.

             The day that followed played out like the last; in the vines, working in silence. Then
             the  drive  back  in  the  gloaming,  a  silent  meal  and  bed.  William  extinguished  the
             candle with his fingers. The sting of the burning wick didn’t hurt as much as he’d
             hoped it might.

             Later, when he thought about what happened next, he realised that he had sensed
             Roberto before he was awake. It was his smell, the animal undertone, the prehistoric
             and unevolved. As William came to full consciousness he saw Roberto in his room, a

             black  shape  in  the  darkness,  absorbing  whatever  light  shone  in  from  the  stars
             outside. From his outline it was clear that Roberto was naked.

             Before he could will his body to move William felt his arm pinned behind his back,
             yanking his wrist higher until he felt the bones bend and break. A hideous white hot
             grinding pain erupted from his elbow to his neck. Then there was a huge hand and
             on the back of his head, pushing his face into the pillow with impossible strength.
             With  his  breath  shallow  and  panting  from  the  pain,  William  felt  Roberto  push  into
             him, penetrate his body. The smell of the older man was overpowering. William felt
             only pain and then there was nothing, only a swimming darkness.


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