Page 58 - Litteratteur Redefining World December issue
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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020


                                               So many have been smothered in

                 R Williams
                                               a dark unaired place on the

                                               side of Italy that no one goes

                                               to now. There is nothing left.

                                               The smell of death is so strong

                                               it poisons my blood. I am like the

                   R Williams is a             walking dead but my heart is still
                   writer     and
                   photographer                a visceral machine
                   living  in  the
                   mountains    of             raging with fueled
                   North  Georgia
                   in  the  United             adrenaline that is pumping, pumping,
                   States.    She
                   loves  traveling            beating, beating.
                   and    reading
                                               Beneath the stacks of rock below

                                               my shoulders, I hear it.

                                               They hear it. We dig. Everyone digs.

                                               When the time has come,

                                               it is like I am

                                               a woman giving birth. I feel it

                                               while I lunge and scar

                                               my external self to pull, claw my

                                               way further down into this dark

                                               hole to grab this wounded,

                                               torn body that is darkened in

                                               blood and dust. It almost doesn’t look

                                               real but somehow I know it is alive.

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