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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020


                       (no. 81 of Women’s names sensual series)

                                          Carrie Magness Radna

                     She was so good at playing dead

                     when she was young—lying

                     for hours on the green grass

                     under the apple tree.

                     She wished she was more special then she was

                     & that her pain would eventually stop

                     like her older sister, after
                                                                                Carrie  Magness  Radna  is  an
                     she stole meds from Daddy’s nightstand                     audiovisual  cataloger  at  the

                                                                                New  York  Public  Library,  a

                                                                                choral singer and a poet who
                     The branches above                                         loves  traveling.  Her  poems
                                                                                have  previously  appeared  in
                     cut out pictures of the light;                             The      Oracular       Tree,
                                                                                Mediterranean  Poetry,  Muddy
                     the grass was damp & sharp                                 River  Poetry  Review,  Poetry
                                                                                Super  Highway,  Shot  Glass
                     like tiny steel blades                                     Journal,  Vita  Brevis,  Home
                                                                                Planet   News,   Cajun   Mutt
                                                                                Press,  Walt’s  Corner,  Polarity
                                                                                eMagazine,  The  Poetic  Bond
                     But the earth                                              (VIII  &  IX),  Alien  Buddha
                                                                                Press,  Jerry  Jazz  Musician,
                     smelled like heaven                                        Rye Whiskey Review and First
                                                                                Literary Review-East. Her first
                     as she waited                                              poetry  collection,  Hurricanes
                                                                                never  apologize  (Luchador
                     for the apples to fall down.
                                                                                Press)   was   published   in
                                                                                December 2019. Her upcoming
                                                                                poetry  collection  In  the  blue
                                                                                hour (Nirala Publications), will
                                                                                be published in 2021. Born in
                                                                                Norman,  Oklahoma,  she  now
                                                                                lives  with  her  husband  in
                                                                                Manhattan, New York.

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