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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

                                            From The Ashes



                 Andrew Scott is a native of
                 Fredericton, NB. During his
                 time  as  an  active  poet,
                 Andrew Scott has taken the
                 time  to  speak  in  front  of
                 classrooms,  judge  poetry
                 competitions as well as had
                 over  200  hundred  writings
                 published   worldwide    in
                 such  publications  as  The
                 Art   of   Being   Human,
                 Battered  Shadows  and  The     From the ashes, we will rise.
                 Broken Ones                     Confused voices will become clear
                                                 and deliver strength to moving forward.
                                                 Screams of the spirit coming
                                                 from the earth’s burial ground
                                                 that were once led to be believed,
                                                 were voiceless and dead.
                                                 Tired of the violence
                                                 and intolerance of others.
                                                 Times are right
                                                 to correct the wrongs.

                                                 Different cultures trying
                                                 to understand each other,
                                                 holding peaceful hands.

                                                 Striking each other is days gone by.
                                                 The fires are burning a different light.
                                                 A new world thought
                                                 built from the ashes.

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