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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

                    Fred  Gerhard’s  poetry
                    has    most    recently
                    appeared  in  Entropy
                    Magazine,   The    Wild
                    Musette        Journal,
                    Contemporary    Dance,
                    and Until the Stars Burn
                    Out.         Upcoming
                    publications  include  a
                    set  of  poems  in  the  Art
                    on the Trails Anthology.
                    He was the editor of The                                     In Reply
                    Chelmsford  Review,  on
                    the  editorial  staff  of
                    Manuscript,  and  one  of
                    the  founding  members
                    of  The  Concord  Poetry
                    Center. He lives in rural
                    New England.
                                                                            Let it be reality.
                                                                            Let it become.

                                                                            Let it be what it is.
                                             Fred Gerhard                   Don’t let it succumb.
                                                                            Let it be. Don’t disturb.
                                                                            Have nothing to do.
                                                                            Let it be all divine.
                                                                            Let it be you.

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