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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

                                             Ι do not belong...

                                         Eva Petropoulou Lianoy

               All your life they teach how u must do, think, act, love, live, smile
               All the years of education they teach how u must be present, dress, talk,

               All the time at your job they teach u how u behave, how u must seat, react,
               claim, interfear, communicate...
               All that faces they teach me..make me feel that i do not belong
               I do not belong in half truth
               I do not belong in that small garden
               I do not belong in the words that was never said
               I do not belong in small boxes that keep the smile of the morning
               I do not belong in shoutting and builing of the love, i never get
               I do not belong in the incertain possibilities
               But i do belong in myself
               And in the possibility of climbing a big mountain
               Maybe never go to the top
               But  i do belong in my dreams..

                   Eva  was  born  in  Xylokastro  where  she  completed  her  basics  studies.  She
                   attended  journalism  lesson  at  the  ANT1  School.  In  1994  she  worked  as  a
                   journalist in French newspaper "Le LIBRE JOURNAL"  Since 2002, she lives
                   and works in Athens.She works as a web radio producer reading fairy tales at
                   radio logotexniko vima every sunday. Recently she become responsible for
                   the children literary section in Vivlio anazitiseis publications in Cuprys. She
                   published books and ebooks: " I and my other avenger, my Skia publications
                   Saita." "Zeraldin and The elf of the lake" in Italian and in French as well as
                   “The  daughter  of  the  Moon”  in  2  languages  English  and  Greek.  The  Moon
                   Daughter published by Ocelotos 4 times, received best reviews for author's
                   writing  and  writing  style.  She  is  a  member  of  the  Unesco  Logos  and  Art

                   Group, of the writers of Corinth, of Panhellenic Writers Association.

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