Page 53 - Litteratteur Redefining World December issue
P. 53

Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

                    how many cities encapsulated in the trembling azure inch
                    just above the aching formation of an unbuilt bridge
                    consonants heavy with old world haggling and fish
                    suddenly writhing in the nacre backdrop of an eye
                    just being born and distances ruddy with cupolas of love
                    the drained fuels of the addict on his concrete pallet
                    frozen to the double lake of transience and mercury
                    streets ! numbered and alphabetized and left to smolder

                    ruins of man’s effort to overcome man and colors
                    of skyscrapers trembling in the avid rapacity
                    of the first sun to ever make it past the clock-tower
                    now only a blackening cinder a ray of uranium
                    pushed to the limit in the intensive care unit
                    where doctors learned in Turkish medicine perform
                    rituals that evoke secrets of the pyramid and gesso puppets
                    talking in the Indonesian dialect of the Ramayana
                    I had a son I had a son I had a son named Max I had a
                    repetitions and mourning and dove-cotes assassinated
                    by a heroin needle and purges of cooing and devotion
                    the stairs that never travel and the underground
                    with its speed of sound lurching through abyss of waters
                    refuse fruit without ardor junctions of sublime noise
                    features that never end in a quality of cloud and scum
                    threats that a new system will take cover and illustrate
                    painfully the loss of all credibility in the body politic
                    swarms of blind bees evicted from their frozen hives

                    a minotaur will appear on fifth avenue roaring
                    over the profound losses on the stock market
                    what is to survive ?

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