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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

                           THE DAY MAX WENT TO THE HOSPITAL

                                                  Ivan Arguelles

                        Iván Argüelles is an innovative Mexican-American poet whose many publications span the
                        decades  since  1970.  He  was  raised  in  Mexico  DF,  Los  Angeles,  and  Rochester  MN.
                        Educated at the University of Chicago with a degree in Classics, he also received a masters
                        degree  in  Library  Science  from  Vanderbilt.  His  many  books  of  poetry  include:  “That”
                        Goddess; Madonna Septet; Comedy , Divine , The; FIAT LUX; Orphic Cantos; Fragments
                        from a Gone World; and, Twilight Cantos … He received the 1989 William Carlos Williams
                        Award for Looking for Mary Lou; in 2010 an award from the Before Columbus Foundation
                        for The Death of Stalin; he also received a lifetime achievement award from that Foundation
                        in 2013. A retired librarian he has resided in Berkeley CA since 1978. He is the identical twin
                        of New Age Prophet José Argüelles (d. 2011

                    ignorant of voice the heavens of number and sound
                    redound in the finite zero of memory echoes of shoulder
                    burdened with death and shape and tone of thumb
                    the resistant valley of yesterday’s umbrage toiling
                    with woods come rushing to water’s edge
                    surface where Narcissus and Lazarus return their
                    infinitesimal cries for salvation and do leaves changing hue

                    and stemming from a violent origin ever reside ?
                    autumnal resin and puerperal fever of metal
                    reflecting the absences of children the dread lock
                    of hair shorn at the wrong time the razor blade
                    in its plastic oblivion and the photo machine
                    gyrating in the dark sheathes of pre-dawn New York

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