Page 47 - Litteratteur Redefining World December issue
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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

                           “THIS MAN LOOKS OUT AT ME
                     eyes full of interest and perhaps suffering
                   whatever he looks at registered on his face…”
                  Just that much and not more would be enough,

                always though he is dancing like his dad, shuffling
                    canny strange steps of thirties and 3000 a.d.
                              KNOWLEDGE OF POETRY
                                 Finds him and Adelle
                           opening Clyfford Still’s mystery:
                        Let figure and ground fuse into one.
                      Eyes tell a little more than the ear hears.
                        Yes, his poetry breathes intelligence
                                                                                Michael McClure

                                           BUT                                    on Jack Foley
                              it’s also aloft with intuition.                           (2012)
                           He recreated the Batman Gallery                     BEGINNING WITH
                          but did not ever touch his winged
                        feet on those Fillmore Street boards.                     LINES BY THE

                        Bards welcomed him there and then,                               POET
                           and inspired artists painted his
                     He goes on to triumph through the modes:                   for JACK FOLEY
                        from archetypal Olsonian projectivity
                            of post-heroic deconstruction
                      to eructation of naughty nursery rhymes
                              without a solecism in sight.

                             Like Cocteau, “Radio Daddy”
                         made tubes and circuits sing Poetry
                      in voices of Whitman and Gertrude Stein
                           (and, almost, Emily Dickinson).


                                  and with catholicity
                              speaks the finest and sees
                                  the highest possible
                                         in other.

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