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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

                                                              There I am at sweet fifteen
                                                              On the television screen
                                                              Singing in my baritone
                                                              “You Will Never Walk Alone”
                                                              As well as that “Beyond the Blue
                                                              Horizon” that we had to chew.
                                                              When the choir went off pitch
                                  JACK'S                      One soprano fixed the hitch

                          APPEARANCE ON                       Hitting the exact right note,
                                                              Keeping all of us afloat.
                         THE ED SULLIVAN
                                                              Childhood on the TV screen
                                  SHOW                        Flickers at me—there’s a scene!

                            (JUNE 6, 1955)                    Many of the names have fled
                                                              (Many of them now are dead)
                                                              But there we all are—lively, noisy,
                                                              A thrill for me, born in New Joisey,
                                Jack Foley                    A kid my parents (not the stork)
                                                              Brought to live in old New York.
                                                              Dear Port Chester, Way Back East,
                                                              Not the Best, but not the Least.
                                                              There I learned to break my tether:
                                                              Now I have much better weather.

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