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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

                                          FIRST POEM, WRITTEN

                                     IN 1955 IMMEDIATELY AFTER

                                      READING THOMAS GRAY’S

                                          “ELEGY WRITTEN IN A


                                                    Jack Foley

                                   I see the night—the restless, eager night
                                   That spreads its shadow softly on the day,
                                   And whispers to the sun’s red, burning light
                                   To vanish like a dream and pass away.

                                   I see the night—the darkened mist of night—
                                   And feel the velvet sorrows mem’ries bring;
                                   September’s leaves have fallen, old and bright,
                                   And autumn’s winds have blown the dust of

                                   I think of days long past, and gone, and dead,
                                   Of all the ancient, withered hopes I’ve had,
                                   And wonder where the passing hours have fled—
                                   The ghosts of yesterday—forever sad.

                                   O ghosts, my dreams, once breathing, once alive,
                                   Like flower petals in a hurricane,

                                   Were sundered from their stems, no more to
                                   No more to feel the gentle touch of rain,

                                   No more to hear my reckless, youthful calls,
                                   But banished into bleak eternity,
                                   To come again to me when darkness falls,
                                   As waves upon the seas of memory.

                                   And now the night, with stars and shining lights
                                   All winking, sprightly, like the woodland fawns,
                                   Is fading fast, for with a thousand nights,
                                   There comes the brilliance of a thousand dawns.

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