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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

         Radio Times For Jack Foley                                Jack Foley to Nina Serrano

                         Nina Serrano

               We had just begun working                            Dear Nina, what can I say to truth
               together                                             except to thank you for telling it
               On our first or second program                       You were there for so much of the
               While we were on the air                             strangeness
               Marilla Arguelles entered the                        and difficulty of my life
               sound studio                                         Grief watered my eyes like a parched
               to bring food for Adele because of                   front lawn
               a stomach problem                                    as I thought of the years and years
               The next show Adele was in the                       and wondered what I could do
               hospital with cancer                                 when so much of my life had been
               You cried on the air as you then                     doubled
               did                                                  Not Jack but Jack and...
               for 8 months after she died                          No one was more amazed than I
               It kept me on my toes to keep the                    when a young woman entered my life
               pace of the show going                               and dried so many tears with her love
               while honoring the copious tears                     You, Adelle, Sangye--what women I

               that were flowing                                    have been blessed with!
               Though you never missed a beat                       Intelligent, creative, loving women
               or a poem                                            who opened their hearts
               Reality and recorded reality                         and said heart's truth
               balancing each other                                 to my longing, dazzled mind.
               The renewing miracle of love for
               Sangye filled the sound booth
               with spring                                                                               42
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