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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

                The precedence effect, the fact that a sound seems to come from the direction
                from which it reaches us first, is bad for stereo, but highly desirable in everyday
                life. When someone speaks to you in a hard-walled room, you hear all the sound as
                coming from his or her
                mouth [speaker indicates mouth]
                even though much of the sound that reaches you has been
                                                    from the walls—
                her power over me is (what is the word?) silence—
                whistles arrow from whirlwind—rain through his heart—
                           say what I’m called
                        and who rouses & calms my
                It is characteristic of the mass media that the figures in them are all absent, not

                there, can’t be touched. This is also true of books, which were in a sense the first
                of the mass media. Speaking to G.P. Skratz, I extended this idea to the Catholic
                “Mass” as well. The Mass is still another “mass” medium, an attempt to reach as
                many people as possible. At the beginning of the Mass, Christ is (and remains)
                profoundly absent, has not returned—and the Mass is, precisely, a fictional
                assertion that this is not the case, that Christ is in fact “present.” (“Faith” = “the
                evidence of things not seen, the substance of things hoped for.” Fiction!)
                —the possibility that her disasterous relationships with men arise out of the desire
                to prove her mother right. “Men are such beasts—”
                Too bad you didn’t come with us to the restaurant. We found it (with a little trouble)
                & had just been seated when suddenly in pops Ishmael & Callahan & Alta &
                everybody so we all sat down together & ate too much Italian food & had a very
                nice time
                What crazy birds

                these crows who saw cut slice
                the sound & good old branch
                of the cross where they have perched
                The name Cohan still has magic. The mere mention of it was enough to unleash a
                stream of talk from the two of them.

                [FIRST VOICE, speaking simultaneously with SECOND VOICE]:

                allied w/ leaves—soft-spoken—“Bend all your bows,” said Robin Hood
                “this day at the kirk of Gamry”
                a sudden spasm—monstrous wings—
                can’t walk—can’t talk—furioso—spasm—

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