Page 34 - Litteratteur Redefining World December issue
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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

                                           CHORUS: SON(G)

                                                for two voices

                                                    Jack Foley


                             his first consciousness/was an immense nostalgia—an awareness/of
               the universe is running down—always in the direction of increasing entropy—
               the brutality of the word “tu-meur”     be careful here is intelligence at work
               self-hatred   masochism—he spoke of the dog as “dominant”—
               it would be necessary to give a full account of the present state of the public taste
               in this country, and to determine how far this taste is healthy or depraved; which,
               again, could not be determined without pointing out in what manner language and
               the human mind act and re-act on each other, and without retracing the
               revolutions, not of literature alone, but like of society itself.  —What of all these
               The language poet orders “tongue”—
               how can we look

               to words?—how can we look?—the two
               of us
                      stranded, touching, telling—
               “I’m just beginning to reach the point where I—”
               —what you’re objecting to in my poem is not its style but thought itself, its
               shifts, its evasions, its magical ability to function in many contexts at once—
               it was the rock star—nerves jangling—veins open—who could tell him anything?
               the news /
                   which had been folded over flat on the ground
                   terday is now
                                       wide open—
                    the wind reads it—
               To say that a poem is “about” self-consciousness is not to say that it is only about
               self-consciousness. There may be poems which are “only” about poetry and
               maybe ________
               wrote some of them, but if so that is an extremely limited

               of poetry
               is by its very nature expansive, passionate, interested, anxious to discover
               of itself
                           at large in the world—
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