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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

                                                That arose in magic

                                                                  50 DESIGNS TO MURDER
              As I drove home with Carl I could do
              nothing  but  talk  about  the  lovely            Can you say she took your breath away
              young  woman  I  had  met.  Love  had             Yes, I can say that
              seemed  dead  in  me,  yet  here  it  was         But you talked on to her
              springing  up  again--near  Christmas,                 And that
              no less. I immediately wrote the poem                       Required
              which follows, but I had no idea how I                            Breath
              could send it to her. It didn't seem like         Can you say
              a good idea to send it to her mother.             She was beautiful
              Its  title  was  taken  from  the  title  of  a   Yes, I can say that
              collection by Antonin Artaud:                          Her hair especially was beautiful

                                                                               And her serious
                                                                     But she was also
                                                                               Exceptionally kind
                                                                She listened when you spoke
                                                                     Yes, and laughed
                                                                          When I said
                                                                               Something amusing
                                                                Yet her laughter seemed almost
                                                                          As if she couldn’t quite help herself

                                                                As if something came from within
                                                                (As something came from within me)

                                                                There was no way on earth we could be

                                                                As I left she said, “It was wonderful to
                                                                meet you”
                      Sangye Land and Jack. Binh Minh
                       Quan Vietnamese restaurant in            I thanked her for being so considerate
                    Oakland. 2/20/17. Photo by Paul Veres.
                    Paul's sketch of Sangye is in the lower                           Her hair moved often
                              right of the photo.
                                                                                                  As she moved

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