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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

                                                      Turning point

                 In 1986 I took over the series at Larry Blake's and then, in 1988, I was offered a
                 radio  show  on  KPFA,  where  I  have  been  producing  programs  ever  since.  I
                 became  deeply  involved  with  the  community  of  writers  here,  organizing,
                 discussing,  reading,  writing.  From  1990  to  1995  I  edited  an  Oakland-based
                 magazine,  Poetry  USA.  Heaven  Bone  called  it  "the  poetry  Bible  of  the  'Bay'
                 area"; The Beatlicks: Nashville's Poetry Newsletter described its experimental

                 issue as "a wake up call for poetry in America." In 1992 Joyce Jenkins named
                 me contributing editor of her wonderful magazine, Poetry Flash. Larry Eigner,
                 James  Broughton,  Al  Young,  Michael  McClure,  Jess,  Ishmael  Reed,  and  Lou
                 Harrison became dear friends, and they have all encouraged my work in various
                 ways. An appearance with Lou Harrison issued in a performance on his CD, Lou
                 Harrison:  A  Birthday  Celebration.  In  June,  2010,  I  received  a  Lifetime
                 Achievement Award from The Berkeley Poetry Festival, and June 5, 2010 was
                 "Jack Foley Day" in Berkeley. Adelle and I gave a performance and we had T
                 shirts  made.  Later,  I  received  a  Lifetime  Achievement  Award  from  Marquis
                 Who's Who.

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