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Moment of Truth                 December 2020
                 Litterateur redefining world

                                                      Turning point

                     That  fifteen-minute  reading  re-shaped  my  life.  Ivan  loved  what  he
                     heard and generously encouraged me. It was a pivotal moment.Here
                     was a man whose own work was rich and powerful. I knew no one
                     who even liked my work. At almost every point in my development,
                     someone had told me not to do what I was doing.
                     The reading at Larry Blake's (June, 1985) was a great success, and
                     Ivan and I each went on to do many more readings, together or with
                     others.  Someone  told  me  that  he  was  amazed  at  my  performance
                     because I seemed to be a "finished" poet, not a beginner, but no one
                     had ever heard of me! In all this, Adelle has been not only my wife but
                     my performance partner. Her performing skills and her willingness to

                     take the kinds of risks I ask of her have been enormous factors in my
                     success. She has sung, tap-danced, made faces and screamed, all in
                     the  service  of  my  "art."  She  has  turned  pieces  which  were  at  best
                     only vaguely conceived into some sort of recognizable shape. People
                     have said to me, "Well, your performance was all right, but Adelle...!"
                     In the past few years she has begun to write poetry herself, and her
                     haiku  have  appeared  in  various  magazines.  Her  book,  Along  the
                     Bloodline,  has  an  introduction  by  me  and  blurbs  from  prominent
                     local poets, including Michael McClure.

                                                                             City of Berkeley
                                                                         proclamation announcing
                                                                          Jack Foley Day, June 5,

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