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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

                                             "The light comes slowly"

                          "Let me know what you think of them," he said. I thought they
                        were  wonderful.  Here  was  an  extraordinary,  wildly  visionary,
                        wildly funny work, full of pain yet full of comedy as well. I wrote
                        Ivan  a  long  letter  about  his  poetry.  Later  he  told  me  the  letter
                        came closer to what he felt his poetry was like than anything he'd
                        ever received before. He also said he was going to be reading at

                        the Larry Blake's series in Berkeley. "You mention that you write.
                        Why don't you read with me?  If your poetry is even half as good
                        as  your  criticism,  you'll  be  fine."  I  learned  later  that  such
                        generosity was characteristic of this amazing man.

                                                                              Jack, 1987. Photo by Robert

                              June 17, 1985. Photographer
                             unknown. Jack in Wonderland
                            immediately after his reading at
                               Larry Blake's in Berkeley.

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