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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

                                               "We're  driving West."

                                                       In  1963  Adelle  and  I  were  heading  west,
                                                       on  our  way  to  Berkeley,  California.  I  had
                                                       been     awarded      a    Woodrow       Wilson
                                                       Fellowship; Adelle was soon to find a job

                                                       at  the  Federal  Reserve  Bank  of  San
                                                       Francisco.  Interestingly,  the  job  was
                                                       arranged  by  the  radical  economist,
                                                       Douglas  Dowd,  with  whom  Adelle  had
                                                       studied  at  Cornell.  Paul  de  Man  good-
                                                       naturedly told me that I had better get my
                                                       tennis  game  together  because  that's  all
                                                       anyone  did  in  Berkeley.  In  1962  I  had
                                                       finally  learned  to  drive.  We  purchased  a
                                                       1956  Oldsmobile  to  make  the  trip  across
                                                       country.  Two  close  friends,  Mike  Lurie,
                                                       whom  I  had  met  in  Cambridge,  and  Ed
                                                       Pechter,  were  already  living  in  Berkeley.
                                                       Then  Lewis  Rubman  surprised  us  by
                                                       showing up to live there too. We found an
                                                       apartment  without  much  trouble.  The
                                                       following  year  we  found  a  place  in
                                                       Oakland;  ten  years  later  we  bought  a

                                                       house in Oakland. We lived in that house
                                                       together until Adelle's death in 2016.

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