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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020


                                               "We're  driving West."

                                                Adelle and I were almost exactly the same age (I was 6
                                                days older) but she had skipped a grade, so she was a
                                                year ahead of me. After graduation from Goucher, she
                                                entered  graduate  school  at  Cornell.  We  lived  together
                                                for  a  short  time  and  were  married  in  Foley  Square  in
                                                New York City on December 21, 1961, the longest night
                                                of the year.

                                                                        Tom Jones photo
                                                           Adelle and Jack in costume for a production of a
                                                            musical Jack co-wrote with Warren Wechsler
                                                          (music) and Michael Abrams and Stephen Sahlein
                                                         (book). Jack sang a song and performed a tap dance
                                                                with steps taught him by his father.
               Jack & Adelle wedding photo.                 June, 1962. Photo perhaps by Bryn Matthews.
                 Photographer: Weitzmann.
                     September, 1961

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