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Litterateur redefining world                      December 2020

                                        " O Rose thou art sick! "     Blake:

             I  missed  Charles  Olson's  visit.  (I  heard  from  my  friend  Tom  Hanna  that  Olson
             lamented the vanishing of the concept of Rhea--an important theme in his work.
             One of the professors said, "Oh, we have it in one word: diarrhea.") The writers I

             was reading influenced my verse, surely, but they could not push me forward, as
             Olson's work was to do some years later. At Cornell, I had no sense of  direction.
             The closest I was able to come to such a sense was in something I wrote myself, a
             poem  called  "Orpheus"  which  was  eventually  published  in  The  Beloit  Poetry
             Journal in 1970, about eight years after it was written. The poem was influenced by
             Pound- particularly  by  "Moeurs  Contemporaines"  and  "Mauberly,"  with  their
             fragmented  sections.  Except  for  the  opening  lines,  written  as  part  of  an  earlier
             poem, it came all of a sudden, in a tremendous burst. It was as if the original poem
             suddenly  decided  to  change  direction  and  take  on  a  life  of  its  own.  The  central
             sections,  including  the  somewhat  homophobic  lines  about  Whitman,  were  a
             deliberate  echo  of  Lorca's  Poet  In  New  York  and  "Lament  for  Ignacio  Sánchez

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