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                                                                       Figure 4-Duty Cycle of the controller
         Chart -1: Response of Lockdown and inflow of outsiders
                                                               4. CONCLUSIONS

                                                               Covid  19  management  becomes  effective  by  utilizing
                                                               controlled lockdown to reduce social distancing for weaker
                                                               sections.  Kerala has now controlled the COVID 19 pandemic
                                                               and has developed its own health management strategy. In
                                                               such  a  case,  On  Off  control  strategy  could  be  applied  to
                                                               control the inflow of Keralites from outside to control the RO
                                                               which  should  not  go  beyond  the  stage  which  demands
                                                               excessive medical infrastructure.  Also based on this model, a
                                                               job sector of hospital tourism is developing and is the right
                                                               time to start.


                         Figure -3: Analysis                   [1]  Katsuhiko Ogata, Modern Control Engineering, 1987
                                                               [2]  Daily  Bulletin  of  Government  of  Kerala,  India
        Say at time T O, restrictions to enter the state is lifted.  The
        COVID 19 test will not be responding instantly, as it requires   [3]  Kwang – Kyo Oh, Myoung-Chul Park, Hyo Sung Ahn , A
                                                                  Survey of multi-agent formulation control
        some time delay for the lengthy incubation period of 14 days
        between  infection  and  symptoms.  Say  from  instant  T1
        number of COVID positive patients’ starts rising. This rising   BIOGRAPHY
        is exponential. At point A, the (control) system has to reduce
        the inflow by putting restrictions on entry to the state and           Shajil   Anthru,   M.Tech   in
        finally after a period of T2 the number of patients decreases          Electronics  and  Communication
        exponentially. At point B, the (control) system shall start            with  specialization  of  Applied
        lifting  the  restrictions for  entry. And after a period of  T3       Electronics  and  Instrumentation,
        number  of  covid  patients  will  start  rising  in  the  same        Six  Sigma  Master  Black  Belt,
        exponential manner. So if the slope of the curve is to  be             Principal, Government Polytechnic
        reduced, the duty cycle should vary or the period of lifting           College, Vennikulam, Kerala, India
        and putting restrictions on entry should vary.  The point A
        and  B  shall  be  determined  based  on  the  medical
        infrastructure available across the state.

        3.4 What actually happens?

        By  adjusting  the  duty  cycle  of  putting  ad  lifting  the
        restrictions, we are adjusting the RN. The convenient RN is
        to be determined by considering the medical infrastructure

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