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                     Shajil  Anthru,  writer  in  Malayalam  and  English  languages  and  in
                     some  foreign  languages  published  books  of  various  genres  like
                     poetry,  novel,  short  story  collection,  literary  theory  and  technical
                     domain. Shajil Anthru is the writer and record holder of the “Writer of
                     the  shortest  story  in  the  world”  in  just  three  words,  including  the
                     title.  India  Book  of  records  awarded  Shajil  Anthru  for  this

                     achievement. He is the founder of "Zeroism" and  “Fishbone Poetry”

                     An  instrumentation  engineer  by  profession,  he  wrote  various
                     technical  articles  when  Covid  pandemic  unleashed  its  vigor  and
                     might for Combating Covid and generating jobs in native sectors and
                     rehabilitating people who had gone jobless.

                     He  received    Best  Teacher  Award  ,  Best  Principal  Award  and
                     International Achiever Award from different agencies, Moreover, he
                     is  the  editor,  reviewer  and  advisor  of  many  international  journals-
                     both literature and technical.
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