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              International Research Journal of  Modernization in Engineering  Technology and Science
              Volume:03/Issue:05/May-2021                Impact Factor- 5.354                           

             and  Integration  found  widespread  applications  in  logistical  support,  data  acquisition,  analysis,  therapeutical
             practices, research and management.
                                                    VI.    CONCLUSION

             It  is  prime  time  to  think  that  whether  vaccine  only  is  the  weapon  against  virus.  Nature  always  provides  a
             predator for every creature in this  world. The first engineering discipline in the  world–Instrumentation can
             only achieve the devices for identifying these predators of virus, designing the equipment for catchment and
             integrating the entire process. Integration and automation using the natural resources is the call of the time.
             Traversing back to the era of innocence and virgin nature which behold the human beings safely, we could see
             that  the  Era  of  Zeroism  is  developing  as  the  new  order  of  the  day.  The  science  and  Engineering  as
             Instrumentation through Integration and Automation of natural resources is the quick and quickest possible
             way out from the present chaos created by COVID-19.
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