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                           AND IT’S SIGNIFICANCE IN COVID-19 MANAGEMENT

                                                    Shajil Anthru
                          *1 Principal, Government Polytechnic College, Attingal, Trivandrum, Kerala.
             There are many definitions for the term “Engineering”. Considering all aspects of engineering and its relation to
             human being, we may define it as “manipulation of resources available for use for human beings to reduce the
             hardships and to enhance happiness”. In this context, this paper examines the bible which is a collection or
             anthology  of  religious  scriptures  considered  sacred  by  a  section  of  people  around  the  globe.  It  is  not
             inappropriate  to  examine  the  reference  of  engineering  and  science  in  religious  books.  New  thoughts  and
             enlightenment may result for science by this act of analysis.
             Keywords:  Bible,  Instrumentation,  Engineering,  Science,  Integration,  Automation,  Zeroism,  Industrial

                                                  I.     INTRODUCTION
             The word “Instrumentation” has the key to its definition. It relates to instruments. Instruments can be tools,
             equipment,  a  group  of  equipment,  a  machine  or  a  group  of  machines  which  should  directly  or  indirectly
             manufacture  or  change  anything  that  reduce  the  hardship  and  to  enhance  happiness  of  living  beings  in  the
             world. This definition includes even the instructions or commands that give directions. The implementation of
             instrumentation is through manufacturing a specific part or through combining or integrating different specific
             parts and arranging them to work particularly in a sequence.
                                               II.    BIBLICAL REFERENCE

             The  most  important  part  of  instrumentation  nowadays  is  integration.  Biblical  references  of  integration  of
             resources to construct “something” which reduce hardship or which enhances happiness exists. By this method
             the significance of Instrumentation from time immemorial is clear.
             System integration and automation characterize modern instrumentation. Instrumentation involves study and
             developing of instruments, tools and is an art and science of measurement and control of certain variable of
             interest.  We  define  automation  as  reducing  hardships  of  human  involves  taking  over  of  manual  works  by
             machines or group of machines. We can define integration as bringing together all the resources or components
             or sub components or different equipment with an aim to deliver or impart the desired function with the help
             of commands or instructions through various means.
             Biblical reference
             In Book of Genesis, Chapter 3, it says that the serpent influenced the first woman to eat the fruit of the tree
             which GOD commanded not to eat, if eaten shall make eyes opened and Human will become equal to GOD by
             knowing what is evil and bad. The woman fallen in these words took the fruit and eat. She gave it to her Man
             also who ate. Now they realized themselves to be naked. The Emotion of shame captured them and they quickly
             look around and leaves and figs. They integrated leaves and figs so that it becomes an apron.
             Leaves  and  figs  were  naturally  available  resources  for  clothing.  They  manufactured  by  integrating  leaves
             together without the knowledge that Instrumentation, the first discipline of Engineering, is evolving.

             Looking back, we can say that there is a indistinguishable line which separates the history onto pretechnolgy
             and technological period.  The period before the technological period is a non-rational period of prehistoric
             MAN. The advent of technology is a result of development of a rational faculty. First stage of   Instrumentation
             thus got its place in history: namely Tools.

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