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             Enthusiased  by  this  merger  are  Anthony  Fauci,  Director  of  the  National  Institute  of  Allergy  and  infectious
             Diseases,  Brain  Mc  Namara,  Chief  Executive  Officer  GSK,  Consumer  Health  care  and  Emma  Walmsley,  Chief
             executive  Officer,  GSK  and  the  Chair  of  the  joint  venture.  The  reason  for  their  enthusiasm  was  greater
             infrastructure and opportunity in pharmaceuticals and vaccines.
             Eminent writer and author Nicholas Wade ignited the debate on whether the US National Institute of Allergy and
             Infectious Diseases headed by Dr Anthony Fauci funded research into the Coronavirus at the Wuhan institute of
             Virology since 1984. There happened a confrontation by Dr Anthony Fauci and Kentucky senator Rand Paul at
             the senate regarding the origin of Corona Virus. Dr Fauci eventually admitted that the NIH funded project at
             Wuhan Lab is true and it investigated bat viruses which may infect the humans in the future. But Rand confronted
             his argument and expressed doubt that it grew the virus in a lab in humanized mice. Dr Fauci is instrumental for
             funding risky “gain of function” research at Wuhan Institute of Virology. These experiments involve genetically
             changing viruses to make them more infectious.
             China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology received funding from Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious
             diseases through a nonprofit Eco health alliance. Interestingly EcoHealth Alliance has joined Microsoft’s AI for
             Earth program.
             A report “The New Money Trust” finds that the Big Three asset managers in the world are BlackRock, Vanguard
             and State Street. They jointly manage over $15 trillion in global assets. GSK had invested about 377,284,263
             shares in BlackRock. BlackRock and Vanguard, the world’s largest asset managers are also the world’s largest
             investors in coal. As part of the protecting the nature, climate and sustainability of the globe, exiting from coal
             industry is most important. But unfortunately both BlackRock and Vanguard have shown no signs in withdrawing
             investment in coal.
             It is important to note that Microsoft has about 640.2 million and 517.6 million shares investment in Vanguard
             group and BlackRock, respectively.
                                     III.   PREDICTION OR ACTION PLAN
             Once again we have to recollect the prediction of Bill Gates for future. Climate Change and Bioterrorism are two-
             fold dangers or pandemics in coming years. Ironically, for constructively lead the globe to sustainable pandemic
             free living space, Bill gates has all the tools and weapons. He has greater say in Companies and asset managers
             who can cause damage to climate. Likewise, he controls the pharmaceutical and drug companies in the world. He
             can very  well influence WHO constructively. But if the  motive is a just profit from these multinationals, his
             predictions may come true. The action plan of the predicted pandemic is certain.
                                       IV.    RESULTS AND DISCUSSION
             An excellent administrator or political leadership must can re- analyze short-term plans and unnoticed setbacks
             in times of crisis and to expect future dangers. Nature itself has provided predators for all creatures in this world.
             Vaccines  will  not  solve  confront  these  viruses.  An  open-ended  scientific  discussion  is  to  be  evolved  in  each
             country to tackle present virus and predicted catastrophes.
                                                V.   CONCLUSION

             We had a pre modernistic era followed by a modernistic era. The World War II presented a new thought about
             humanity along with a deep sense of pessimism. We called it post modernism era. But the conflict remained since
             dualist notions characterized this era. This era eventually ended and a new era with monist thinking begun. It is
             Meta  modernism  era.  Meta  modernism  recreated  a  sense  of  wholeness  which  allows  positive  change.  But
             oscillations characterized it.
             Now the globe is smashed with Covid pandemic. Time goes beyond Meta modernism. A new era is emerging. Era
             of Zeroism!
             Completing a full circle is the natural order of the world. We had changed the nature for the sake of development.
             Development and luxuries led to the domination of wealth in certain quarters, leaving others vulnerable.
             In this context, to come out of the present chaos, we have to recreate the nature, redefine the development to the
             recreation of nature which exists at the beginning.

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