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              International Research Journal of Modernization in Engineering Technology and Science
              Volume:03/Issue:05/May-2021                Impact Factor- 5.354                           
             In 1994, Microsoft donated certain stocks to “William H. Gates Foundation. “In 1994. In 2000, Gates and his wife
             merged three family foundations and formed “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”. During this occasion Gates
             donated 5 billion dollar equivalent stock to this foundation. In the audit of Funds for NGO’s found that “Bill and
             Melinda Gates Foundation” has the highest asset in the world (More than 34.6 billion dollar).
             Not  much  later,  Bill  and  Melinda  Gates  Foundation  made  a  major  investment  in  renowned  pharmaceutical
             company Pfizer. It was on behalf of providing contraceptives in low rates (around $1 per dose) to developing
             Bill  and  Melinda  Gates  Foundation  grabbed  205  million  dollar  shares/stocks  from  nine  big  pharmaceutical
             companies in the world during this time.
             Bill Gates, his wife and 24.2 billion dollar endowment become the undisputable major stakeholder in the Global
             Health Domain. They donated for Global Health programs and become the “Voice” in the discussion for reducing
             price for medicines related to AIDS and related diseases in poor countries. On some occasions they did the part
             of a broker or a negotiator with poor countries and pharmaceutical companies. At present, this foundation had
             financial interests and investments in the other major pharmaceutical companies like Merc and Company, Pfizer,
             Johnson & Johnson, etc.
             The intention of the foundation came under cloud when they advocated for implementing intellectual property
             rights in poor nations. These nations have to seize patents to produce certain generic drugs required for citizens.
             Interestingly, the intellectual property right is important to Microsoft’s business and pharmaceutical business. It
             is natural that likewise with pharmaceutical policy decisions, this foundation too had larger influence in framing
             and implementing intellectual property rights.
             Commission on Macroeconomics and Health chaired by economist Jeffrey Sachs in his report made a powerful
             defense  for  protection  of  Intellectual  property  rights.  They  argued  it  is  very  much  critical  for  “Continued
             Research”  in  the  pharmaceutical  domain.  Ironically,  the  Gates  Foundation  was  the  major  sponsor  of  the
             We need not much evidence to prove the impact and influence of Foundation in Pharmaceutical and global health
             management.  This  foundation  has  diminished  the  autonomy  of  pharmaceutical  companies,  its  research  and
             As an example. Note that there is Global Alliance funding for Vaccines and Disease control. But using this fund,
             foundation  of  Gates  buy  medicines,  drugs  and  other  pharmaceutical  equipment  from  those  pharmaceutical
             producers where the same foundation has investment.
             Embarrassing it is to see, that 18 member board for Global funding for combating AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria,
             includes  the  representative  of  Foundation  (who  is  also  a  buyer).  Also  see  that  Gates  foundation  while
             accumulated 2.2 billion Dollar, they pledged 100 million dollar to the fund.
             INFLUENCE IN WHO
             WHO, headquartered in Geneva, has Bill Gates as the second highest donor of funds which comes around 9.8%.
             The first donor is US which has only 15%. Naturally it is, that Bill Gates can influence WHO to some extent.
             GSK AND BILL GATES
             GSK or Glaxosmithkline is an eminent company which  provides  7000 employee opportunities in China. The
             company started in 1930 as a distributor of Osetlin (Vitamin D Liquid). In 2010 they took over Nanjing MeiRui
             Pharma and another pharmaceutical company in 2011. Both these provide the company an opportunity to own
             manufacture facility in Jiangsu Province and they started producing vaccines for China’s growing market. A step
             ahead, GSK entered partnership with academic institutions. This helped them to produce and new drugs with
             nontraditional methods and combinations. GSK played a major role in the formation of a foreign invested joint
             venture consumer healthcare company named TSKF. GSK, Tianjin Zhong, Xin Pharm Ltd and Tianjin Medicinal
             Corporation are the stakeholders.
             In 2019, Pfizer, where Gates foundation has major share and investment, completes transaction with GSK to form
             a new world leading Consumer Healthcare Joint Venture.

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