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                                  COVID-19 –PREDICTION TO PREDICTION

                                                    Shajil Anthru*
                       *1 Principal, Government Polytechnic College, Attingal, Trivandrum, Kerala, India
             Covid pandemic unleashed across the globe results from greed of certain section  of people or  multinational
             groups. The greed is not for power; it is not for money; not for any self-fulfillment needs. A lack of directivity is
             haunting the globe. The reason to live is a major psychological question posing any every human being who
             gained basic and psychological needs. The theory of management and the very basics of defining manager as “to
             get things done” has gone wrong. Manhood forgot to find the right place to position the science and technology
             and its fallouts.
             Keywords: Covid 19, pandemic, Zeroism, Pharmaceutical, Climate change, Virus
                                               I.   INTRODUCTION
             Bill Gates, the most successful (?) business man in this world, is certainly a genius and millionaire; No one knew
             he is also prophet until COVID-19 broke out in all states and corners of the Globe. In 2015, he delivered a Ted
             Talk, which was a prophecy in nature. He predicted COVID-19. In 2021 also he makes many predictions about
             the future prediction and mode to counter them. This paper presents the not much discussed part between 2015
             Prediction to 2020 Prediction.
                                            II.   GREAT PREDICTION
             In near future, an infectious disease–a virus–will destroy the humankind. Ten millions or more people may die.
             It was the time when in West Africa Ebola was spreading.
             And in 2019, the prophecy came true. COVID-19 started its twister destroying the world order.
             NEXT PANDEMIC
             According to him, the next pandemic will also be complex. During this pandemic era of COVID-19, everyone was
             experimenting or training themselves to defend a pandemic. The domains of experimentation included How to
             do a test quickly/ how to quarantine effectively. Fortunately, diagnostic equipment had a good sale and had vast
             improvement in design and production.
             According to Gates, one posing a significant damage will be as climate change and its related disease. The other
             one is Bio–terrorism.
             Both are dangerous. They can cause unpredictable damage to humankind. The present pandemic forced us to
             remain indoors–but not fully. But a situation may arrive that the disease caused by climate change may force us
             to sit in dark. Bio- terrorism is a selective attack with virus on people, expected to carry out by enemy countries.
             Both cases will demand the human being to sit alone in dark for quite a long time to survive. Or to combat the
             effects of these pandemics.
             An interview between Bill Gates and actress Rashida Johns took place in 2020. He opened his mind to reveal the
             real beneficiaries of the new order derived after the COVID-19 pandemic,
             1. Online meeting will become a norm for all
             2. The experience from online will enhance
             3. Corporates will start sharing of office
             4. Redefinition of our communities will take place
             5. Social gathering or places of social gathering will remain insignificant.

             6. For a very long time, things will not return to normal
             7. Next pandemic will not be as disastrous as this one.
             Reading between the lines, one can see that the software field will flourish and more business will take place.
             People will start using more and more software. Lack of social gathering will reduce the impact of the resistance
             of future generation against any exploitation and these multi nationals will decide the future of each country.

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