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                        Volume: 07 Issue: 06 | June 2020                                                                            p-ISSN: 2395-0072

                    Table -1: Sample Table format              REFERENCES

           Parameters          Experiment                      [1]  Ministère  de  la  Santé  Enquête  nationale  sur  les
                                                                  conditions actuelles d’élimination des déchets solides
           Weight of input     250 gm
                                                                  hospitaliers. [National survey on current hospital waste
                                                                  disposal conditions.] Paris, 1991
                               450 degree Celsius
           Set point temperature                               [2]  Reinhardt PA, Gordon JH, Infectious and medical waste.
                                                                  Chelsea, MI, Lewis Publishers, 1991
                               75 ml                           [3]  Shajil  Anthru,  “On  off  controller  for  COVID  19
           Volume of fuel                                         management” IRJET. May 2020
                                                               [4]  Seth Cutler, “Mounting Medical waste from COVID 19
                               42 minutes                         emphasis the need for sustainable waste management
           Time to reach set point
                                                                  strategy”, Frost and Sullivan, April 2020
                                                               [5]  Williams, P.T. and E.A. Williams, Recycling plastic waste
                                                                  by pyrolysis
        3. CONCLUSIONS

        World agrees upon the upcoming demand for appropriate   BIOGRAPHY
        waste management in medical domain. Considering the fact
        that all health workers are involved in providing treatment            Shajil   Anthru,   M.Tech   in
        for  covid  19  patients  and  risk  involved  in  handling  the       Electronics  and  Communication
        medical wastes, the immediate solution is nothing but the              with  specialization  of  Applied
        scaling up of capacity of existing medical waste management            Electronics  and  Instrumentation,
        system. The technology of Plasma pyrolysis is appropriate              Six  Sigma  Master  Black  Belt,
        when  it  is  feasible  to  provide  chambers  to  handle              Principal, Government Polytechnic
        temperatures  above  10000  degree  Celsius.  Alternate                College, Vennikulam, Kerala, India
        appropriate technology is to utilize the controlled pyrolysis
        for  medical  waste  management.  The  byproduct  of  the
        process will generate a liquid which can be refined and used
        as a fuel.

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