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        the 1948 war, Kanafani wish to say that the
        Palestinian leadership became feeble after 1948.

        Masculinity has to be interpreted in alternate logic.
        When decisions have to be made, they too must be
        ideologically based on the dignity of the nation and
        the wellbeing of the people. Decisions that are
        ideologically shaped will shine brightly. These are
        ideologies that existed before the time of Christ!
        Otherwise, how could the eunuch Palestinian bring
        the three generations of Palestinians to death?Look
        at Kanafani. He tells... Personally, I want to reach
        Kuwait (read it as a poverty-stricken state). I don't
        care about anything else. That is why I am traveling
        with Abu Qaisuran (the political leadership of the
        euthanasia). Kanafani points out without any doubt.
        The result is disgraceful death. Only death.
        These  three  Palestinian  refugees,  despite  their  age
        and  diverse  problems,  seek  a  common  theme.  The
        end  to  their  poverty  is  financial  stability.  This  is  a
        general  requirement.  These  men  who  move  under
        the sun know nothing of the sun's light and warmth.
        They  are  not  even  aware  of  the  right  to  a  normal
        human  life.  There  are  probabilities  that  they    Why don't you knock?" Abu Qaisuran tries to comfort
        experience severe sunburn and may even get killed      his conscience by blaming the dead travelers. This is
        during the progression towards the destination.  He    the nature of all failed regimes.
        who falls will be buried with the shovel and buried    When is our turn?
        beneath the earth. There is no need for the intellect  Land  is  not  just  property.  It  is  a  mirror,  an  identity.
        to  understand  that  this  is  what  the  imperialist  and  The heart is “a living being. That is, the earth is the
        communal  regimes  of  the  world  do  without  the    mirror of man, and man is the mirror of the earth.
        ideological backing.                                   The natural response of anyone reading the novel is
        This is also an indicator pointing to the relevance of  "When  is  our  turn  -  our  chance  to  die?"  The  author
        political  leadership.  The  sun  is  shining  all  the  time,  confirms   the   importance   and   necessity   of
        and we expect all the drivers (read the rule) to help  restructuring the world. It is our duty to answer this
        us  reach  our  destination.  But  Kanafani  reminds  of  final question "When's our turn?”. The story is about
        the   consequences   of   pursuing   incompetent       generations  who  are  never  born,  but  died  in  the
        leadership.If  anyone  falls,  he  goes  to  Hell,  and  if  womb. The only way they can see the light is to get
        anyone enters safely, he reaches heaven. The angels    out of the tank / womb. How strategically Kanafani
        here  are  border  guards.  When  the  angels  arrive  to  establishes  that  the  lack  of  accurate  political
        check on the passengers, they must enter the tanker.   consciousness  and  the  search  for  individual
        That  strategy  succeeded  in  one  place.  But  at  the  solutions contradicts the collective national problem
        second place, the inspection took a long time.         of the oppressed.
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