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        Men in the Sun- Kanafani’s masterpiece               which causes their deaths. They breathe the melting
        The  novel  "Men  in  the  Sun"  exposes  the  fate  of  a  sunlight  in  the  burning  desert.  They  die  without

        nation.  The  whole  world  guilty  of  silence  when  the  being  able  to  reach  the  earth.  At  the  end  of  the
        Palestinian people have fled their homeland, backed  novel, the driver throws their bodies into a garbage
        by American imperialist powers must certainly read   heap.  Though  it  may  seem  trivial,  the  narrator
        this novel.  It is also a novel that should have been  conveys another great truth. The reading is complete
        read in the days of Virus by slaves of all the imperial  only when you see it.
        powers in the world.                                 Through the story…
        The politics of Kanafani stories                     In  the  first  three  chapters  of  the  novel,  the  three
        Ghassan Kanafani's stories are about the struggle of  travelers  have  a  heartening  dialogue.  It  describes
        the  basic  class  to  free  itself  from  inhumane  their  upbringing  and  the  motives  for  their  voyage.
        exploitation,  oppression  and  torture.  They  are  The  first  is  Abu  Qais,  an  old  farmer,  who  is  briefly

        related  to  the  ideals,  values   and  feelings  of  leaving  his  wife  and  two  children  and  heading  to
        Palestinians. Moreover, in all his work, Kanafani has  Kuwait.  He  is  an  average  farmer  who  has  a  sturdy
        sought to introduce the ideology, commitment and     association  to  the  earth.  He  dreams  of  a  paradise
        ideology  of  the  Palestinians.  The  character  of  guarding him, "dreaming of sending Qais [his son] to
        Kanafani's  stories  will  deliberately  take  the  readers  school and building a cottage to dwell. Kuwait is a
        into the reality of the Palestinians' life and struggle,  dream and a fantasy. He could do nothing to reclaim
        the cause of their liberation and human liberation in  his  land  for  the  last  ten  years."Nothing  could  be
        general.    Kanafani’s  literary  works  do  not  create  a  done.  So  instead  of  waiting…  to  ensure  a  better  life
        new  height  of  realism,  but  redevise  the  encounter  for  his  family,  he  begins  the  ill-fated  journey.  It  is
        with  reality  and  sow  the  path  for  liberation.  The  poverty  that  is  driving  him  to  Kuwait  through  the
        influence  of  these  works  was  discerned  by  many  desert.The  second  traveler,  Assad,  is  a  Palestinian
        Arab  countries  who  later  sought  to  ban  Kanafani's  youth.  Jordanian  authorities  are  after  him  to  arrest
        tales and films based on them. Kanafani is not just a  because of his political activities. He borrows money
        Palestinian  refugee  who  responds  to  a  particular  from  his  uncle  on  an  agreement  that  he  should
        history on its own. He had an ideological perspective  marry his uncle's daughter. Kuwait is the only way to
        that  enabled  him  to  divulge  into  the  realities  of  make  money.  He  decides  to  go  to  Kuwait  to  repay
        experience  in  specific  historical  and  political  his  uncle  within  a  month.  Marwan,  the  youngest
        contexts.                                            passenger  is  bound  to  take  care  of  his  mother  and
        Men in the Sun and Characters                        four young brothers. He decides to send every penny
        The  familiarity  with  all  characters-  particularly  he earns to his mother and work hard until the mud
        among  Palestinian  readers  causes  shock  over  each  hut is turned into a paradise on earth.
        conversation and plot. The story is about three exiled  The storyteller says solutions to these problems are
        Palestinian  refugees  relocating  from  Jordan  to  Iraq  not  individualistic.  Of  course,  the  means  by  which
        so  that  they  can  escape  to  Kuwait  to  rebuild  the  the characters discover their own problems is a very
        future. Kuwait is a promised land for them. A place  personal  one.  Some  problems  are  to  be  solved  by
        where they can change the hardships of their life.   social  cohesion.  No  doubt  the  intervention  of  a
        A Palestinian lorry driver led the journey with three  commune  is  inevitable.  But  as  the  narrator  show
        Palestinians representing three different generations  Government is not to be  Abu Qaisuran, who lost his
        from Basra to Kuwait. To pass the Iraq-Kuwait check  sexual  power  to  lead  the  three  Palestinians.  While
        posts,  they  are  forced  to hide  in  the    lorry's tank,   claiming that Abu Qaisuran lost his masculinity in
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