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                 Eye liner

              Shajil Anthru

                          MEN IN THE SUN

                               A N   A N A L Y I S   O F   G H A S S A N   K A N A F A N I ' S
                                                    M A S T E R P I E C E

         In  1969,  Al-Hadaf  was  founded  in  Beirut  as  the
         political  mouthpiece  of  the  Popular  Front  for
         Liberation  of  Palestine  (PFLP).  Founder  Ghassan
         Kanafani  a  writer,  can  be  regarded  as  a  Marxist-
         Leninist  face  of  pan-Arab  Palestinian  nationalism.

         Kanafani was the weekly editor-in-chief until he was
         killed in a car bombing in 1972.
         Ghassan Kanafani
         Born  in  northern  Palestine  in  1936,  he  left  his
         household in 1948. He finished his studies by staying

         in Damascus. He was active both as a teacher and as
         a  journalist.  Kanafani,  who  was  active  in  the  Arab
         national  movement,  approached  Marxism  and
                                                                 that  a  revolution  in  the  Arab  countries  should  take
         believed that the problem of Palestine could only be
                                                                 place,  rather  than  a  Palestinian  liberation  struggle,
         resolved if a total social revolution took place in the
                                                                 thereby  providing  an  ultimate  solution  to  the
         Arab countries.                                         Palestinian  issue.  It  was  that  kind  of  political  work

         He  wrote  very  little  as  a  literary  man  -  Five  novels,  that  probably  did  not  produce  much  literary  work
         (two of which are unfinished), five short stories, two  from him.
         plays  and  two  Palestinian  literature  studies.  His  Yes! A 12 year old refugee, a teenager in exile. What
         inspiration for writing was Palestine. He believed      else can you expect from such a man?

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