Page 4 - Litterateur August 2020
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       Editor's Notepad

                                                                         Yet  another magazine!

                                                 Yes. This is going to be one of the inimitable universal
                                            magazine in the globe. Covid pandemic has reformed the
                                           borders and validated that the human race is simply one
                                           and  not  to  be  discriminated  over  languages,  countries,
                                           race,  creed,  color  or  gender.  Human  are  so  frail
                                           sometimes and they have to refurbish the forte to endure
                                           in this world. Of course, got sealed inside walls and cities,
                                           humans  tried  reaching  out    through  digital  means.  We
                                           learned a big lesson. Relationships matters.

                                                 In Litterateur, we take along the entire globe to honor
                                           each  and  every  doue  or  douee  in  all  issues.  Not  only
                                           literature,but  all  literature  pleated  expressions  like  art,
                                           music,  culture  and  entertainment  ascertain  their  space
                                                 We are with the world, wary in flouting the chain of
                                           virus by social distancing and masking the faces. But let
                                           us  also  clasp  to  another  chain  of  social  intimacy  and
                                           unmask the gifted.
                                                 Litterateur invite you to appreciate unfolding a new
                                           world, untold and fresh. A festivity of ingenuity emerges
                                           in every issue.

                                                           You will never be thwarted.
                                                                                                       L I T T E R A T E U R
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