Page 24 - Litterateur August 2020
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                                                         I can’t breathe...              Right to loot
                                                           Not in USA               Right to fake encounter
                                                       Not in Saudi Arabia              Right to deport
                                                          Not in China
                                                      But in my home land              I can’t breathe...
                                                        In my hometown                   Democracy
                                                                                     A celebrated slavery
                                                        I can’t breathe....         A cultured submission
                                                  In whats app,twitter,facebook     Enables us to elect our
                                                     Likes,comments,shares                  looters
                                                             Sexist...             Compromised, You are a
                                                            Racist...                       citizen
          I  CAN’T                                        Communal...                 Justified, You are a

          BREATHE....                                  Strangulate my wall             renaissance hero
                                                         Citizen’s burial
                                                     Anchored by ‘Politizen’     Questened , You are a traitor
                                                                                       A national traitor
                                                      In cognito of Netizen             A state traitor
                                                  Waging fabricated wars online   A district panchayath traitor
                                                       Putting you and me         A grama panchayath traitor
                                                        in hatred leagues           (of course, federal ...!!!)

                                                         I can’t breathe...             I can’t breathe..
                                                             Justice                     Fourth estate
                                                           Born blind                   A priced pimp
                                                      Crept deaf and dumb                 Watchdog
                                                      Stood up hand-cuffed             in chronic sleep
                                                       Walked in shackles          Animals’ death lamented
                                                      Groomed by dopping              Volumes elegized
                                                        Wedded lobbying             Man dies in negligence
                                                             Begets                  Unposted,untweeted,
                                                            verdicts                     undiscussed
                                                         In hallucination
                                                                                       I can’t breathe...
                                                         I can’t breathe...             In the system
                                                            Freedom               Left with only two choices
                                                          Frees dooms               Either eulogize looting
                                                     In fundamental amends             Or get used to it.
                                                           Right to lie
                                                          Right to threat
          S  i  d  h  a  r  t  h     L  i  m  o  s  e

                                                                          Literary writer and scenarist
                                                                          from Kerala, India

                                                                                                       L I T T E R A T E U R
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