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                                                             Helpless,under the veil,she cried
                                                             her genuine pleas brushed aside
                                                                     And justice denied,

           JUST                                            she was dressed that day as a bride.
                                                                 The little girl felt horrified
           ANOTHER                                           as her aging groom stood beside.
                                                                Her fears she couldn't hide,
           CHILD BRIDE                                        But fate was not hers to decide.

                                                               In the darkness of that night,
                                                                     her wails amplified
                                                             and the groom restored his pride
                                                                  as her trauma brontide.
                                                                   Silently,her hopes died
                                                              listening to her husband chide.
                                                                By dawn,the diyas had dried
                                                             And she had already died inside
             A  m  m  u     R  a  j  e  e  v

                                                                  Ammu Rajeev is a poet and
                                                                  tutor and has lived in Kerala
                                                                  her early life. She pens to
                                                                  express her emotions and
                                                                  feelings during her leisure

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