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                                                                   O F   T H E   M O N T H

              Human folk from the time immemorial started admiring his/her own beauty. No
              one have the knowledge at which spell of development, man began to crave to
              charm by wearing ornaments. Inquisitive probe to the start of the human race,

              preceding the invention of fire, agriculture and cattle breeding may hint us to the
              primitive  folks  who  meandered  in  the  jungles  festooned  themselves  with  wild
              floras or vines on their heads and builds. Some ancestors during that time may
              have  gifted  a  round,  smooth  crystal  stone  for  his  loved  one.  Classy  bones  of
              animals  and  birds  they  hunted  down  may  have  curved  into  stunning  jewels.
              Recall the Greek mythology and Narcissus, the hunter from Thespie known for
              his  beauty.  Like  him,  those  ancestors  of  old  age  might  have  grasped  their
              reflections from tranquil water of the lake. True, it is! The illusion of jewelry is as
              old as the birth of man. The evolution of ornaments grew along with the human
              society  and  development.  From  stone  and  wood,  copper,  emeralds,  gold  and
              gems  the  journey  to  seek  endearing  jewelry  is  ongoing.  Today  gold  jewelry  is
              one the most pursued stuffs in the world due to its market value, sustainability
              and  design  diversity.  A  step  ahead,  diamond  jewelry  has  become  an  icon  of
              grace and social pride.
              But  how  many  perceive  the  prodigy  and  brilliance  behind  each  design  of  the
              jewelry  that  get  showcased  in  outlets  and  physique?  An  artistic  faculty
              coalescing painting, dexterity and resourcefulness outshine in the turf of jewelry
              design.  Conscientious  exploration  and  learning  of  traditional  jewelry  and  the

              history  of  jewelry  from  different  continents  is  vital  for  aspiring  designer  in
              jewelery.The assimilation of ancient with modern  inventively sets the exclusivity
              of each design. A profound understanding of the aesthetic notions of individuals,
              society and demands of the market is a pre requisite.

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