Page 18 - Litterateur August 2020
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D                                        D O U É





                                                                O F   T H E   M O N T H

                    The meaning of the term Doue (Feminine singular douee) is
                                           purely gifted or talented.

                        In this eclectic domain of literature, arts, culture, music
                     and entertainment there are countless gifted and talented

                                            individuals throughout
                                                     the globe.

                    Numerous motives are there for keeping them in obscured.
                       But we at Litterateur, offer opportunity of all gifted and

                                talented to be our main story every issue.
                                    And if you trust your talent and have

                  confidence and has some /any to be voiced and echoed, tallied
                                                   and marked,

                                               please let us know.

                      Be the Doue/Douee of the


                                                                                                       L I T T E R A T E U R
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