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          losing  much  time,  the  judge  ended  the  conversation  and  walked  along.  Shenoy  thought  for  a
          moment about going after him; but then be gave it up..
                The first case to be taken up at the court that day was that of the camel. The judge   lifted up his
          head to take a look after taking hold of the case file, He saw Shenoy opposing the lawyer appearing
          for Camel. The judge thought for a moment pretending to read through the file . This is the reason
          why he met me in the street today. If I am to pass an order against him he will turn antagonistic. In
          case he turns hostile, he will spread all kinds of canards against me. But the, passing an order in his
          favor  will  be  tantamount  to  showing  cruelty  to  the  animal.  Muttering  something  indistinctly,  the
          judge put down the file. The lawyers did not hear what he had actually said. But the stenographer
          put it down thus: this case is transferred to another Bench.
              When the judge arrived in the chamber in the afternoon, the camel stood there hogging all the
          space available in the room. The judge took to his heel in fear.

          Born  in  1937  at  Kanjiramattom  in  Ernakulam  District  in  Kerala,  India.  He  started  writing  stories  and
          articles from 1956 on wards. He had written around 100 short stories and equal number of essays and has
          published eight books. His latest collection of stories namely Vazhakkula (Changampuzhayudethalla) had
          won two Awards: Narmakairali Hasa Sahitya Award and Govind Rachana Award 2015.

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