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                He carried us in different vehicles and finally      The judge stood shell shocked. He was puzzled
         brought us to this distant city. It was just then that  without  being  able  to  make  sure  whether  what
         we came to know of the fact that the person who       had  just  happened  was  real  or  imaginary.  The
         bought  was  in  fact  a  butcher  and  he  bought  us  judge could not think of food any more. He again
         with  the  sole  intention  of  making  money  out  of  immersed  himself  in  the  case  files.  He  was
         selling  our  meat.  When  we  learned  about  it,  we  shocked to read the case filed by the well wisher
         felt  drained.  We  had  heard  that  our  forebears  whom the camel had just spoken.
         were  used  to  be  slaughtered  in  old  Arabia.  But        Although he was  tired, the judge went out for
         that was, in most cases, to take water after ripping  a  walk  at  six  o’  clock  itself.  He  walked up some
         open  our  abdomens.  And  if  no  other  food  was   distance  to  see  the  lawyer  Shenoy      coming
         available they used to eat our flesh too. But now is  against  him.  Shenoy  has  the  reputation  as  an
         there any  scarcity  for  water?  Is  food  that  scarce?  efficient  lawyer.  He  is  able  to  argue  his  cases
         Why  should  they  slaughter  us  for,  after  all?The  effectively;  he  knows  how  to  hit  the  nail  on  the
         camel  stopped  there.  It  looked  at  the  judge    head. He was also adept at sycophancy. Once out
         anticipating an answer from him. The judge didn’t     of the court, he would without hesitation call the
         say anything. The camel continued.                    judges  names,  if  found  necessary.  He  was  so
               "I’m dead; they sold me for a price even though  determined to come out victorious in all the cases
         I was dead! That was how I came as food before        taken up by him. Why should he, who stays at a
         you. You must at least save my girlfriend.”           place five or six kilometers away, come this way in
         “How?” the judge asked.                               this  early  morning  hour?  Shenoy  greeted  the
             “A savior has appeared seeking to obtain a court  judge, the judge asked.
         order to take my girlfriend back to her village and     “Why,Shenoy,  not  to  be  seen  these  days?”
         set  her  free  there.  He  belongs  to  my  village.  I  Shenoy’s  reply  was  abrupt.  “I’m  coming  today
         would like you to issue an order in his favor.”       with a case.”
            Saying thus imploringly the camel made a big       I didn’t ask you about any case the judge thought
         noise.  It  resounded  as  long  cry.  When  the  sound  so inwardly. He was apprehensive that he would
         came to a stop, the camel too disappeared.            now bring up the topic of his case. Hence, without

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